First #KickBoxing Tournament to be held at Sonpur Fair

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A 3-hour long mega event featuring famous international fighters organized for the first time to promote combat sports in rural India

Patna, November 16, 2018:-It does not get more epic than this. Mumbai based Zen fitness studio, Bombay Gym- Chapra and the All-India Mixed Martial Arts Federation have come together to host what is undoubtedly a unique, historic and visionary Kickboxing tournament at the SonepurPashuMela, Asia’s biggest cattle fair. Championed by Chapra-based Bombay Gym owner Atul Kumar along with AIMMAF General Secretary and renowned Indian Martial artist MayurBansode, the event, featuring a total of 16 fighters from across the country and the globe, is a first of its kind event to be held in the rural hinterlands of Eastern India.

The exclusive event will take place on the 8th of December with the complete support of local administration. A highly anticipated event already, the organizers have left no stone unturned to ensure a great experience for the spectators as well as the fighters. The location itself gives the event a different dimension altogether. Sonepur, being one of the most famous spots in the district for its mammoth cattle fair, drew more than 3 million people last year. The location will definitely guarantee a plethora of spectators for an event of unparalleled magnitude that aims to introduce a new form of sports in India.

Elaborating on the vision behind the spectacle, Spokesperson Atul Kumar said, “Combat sports is one of the most exciting, passionate and riveting sporting disciplines, and it is fast gaining popularity in urban India today. However, we believe that for Kickboxing and other combat sports to truly become a phenomenon in India, creating a strong audience in tier-II and III cities, town and villages is a must. Furthermore, much like any other sport, we are hopeful that the best Indian talent for combat sports will emerge from these regions, if proper awareness and interest is generated. It is a great leap of faith that we are taking here-and we hope to offer as grand an event as imaginable for combat sports to really take off in India.”

The event will feature iconic international MMA fighters such as Brazilian Fighter Paulo Silva, Afghan fighter Najibullah and Nepali Champion Diwan along with promising Indian talent such as KushalVyas and SnehaVishwasrao. Sneha is a black belt in karate and has represented India at the world karate championship in Japan. She will showcase her skills at the women’s fight category, one of the 8 events to be featured at the Championship. A total of 8 fights will be conducted, each comprising 3 rounds of 3 minutes duration.

The event will culminate with a show-stopper match featuring the iconic MMA fighter Paulo Silva from Brazil battling against international kickboxing champion DiwanShreshtha from Nepal. Paulo is a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu black belt holder with a professional MMA record of 22 wins and 14 losses, while Diwan is also a Karate Black belter. The main event offers a perfect culmination to an awe-inspiring tournament that the people, and probably even the animals at Sonepur, will find it impossible to take their eyes away from!

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