Former BJP MP Uday Singh Resigns, Blames Party Directions

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#Forgotten the legacy of Atal Ji
#Party workers are feeling disenchanted and suffocated with party leadership.

Patna: Uday Singh, former Member of Parliament from Purnea in Bihar has resigned from the BJP citing the directionless manner in which the party has been functioning. Speaking to the Press at his residence in Patna, Uday Singh said that the meaningless manner in which the BJP was trying to be in power has left all party workers totally disenchanted. He said, “In the times of Atal ji and Advani ji concerns of all party leaders and workers were taken into account before arriving at a decision. But now Shri Amit Shah and a few others are running the party as a private affair where workers are only expected to follow their dictate. The party has lost its culture of inner democracy.”

Singh further said that “the overnight dramatic manner in which the BJP and JDU came together defies all political logic and was aimed only at sharing power without the slightest concern of its ill effects on the party. The recent disclosure of Shri Nitish Kumar that he appointed PK on the advice of Amit Shah has left all workers completely astounded”

In reply to questions about his joining the Congress Singh said, “ I am now free to take a call after discussing with my constituents as to what they would like me to do. I were as promised to my people, I will fight the elections from Purnea as the concerns for my people is the foremost reason for me being in politics.”

Singh also thanked his constituency voters and well-wishers for their support and promised to serve them in the future.

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