‘Suresh Raina abused me’, Umar Akmal once complained to MS Dhoni. What happened next?

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Suresh Raina fell out of favour of the Indian selectors after failing to pass the yo-yo test in August this year.

Contrary to popular belief, former India captain MS Dhoni does get angry on the field at times but still does not betray his emotion, especially during overs, revealed teammate Suresh Raina.

Dhoni is known for his calm demeanour and has also been nicknamed ‘Captain Cool’ by fans and cricket pundits but Raina says the 36-year-old cracked the whip on his players if the need arose. MSD would express his displeasure with sloppy fielding or poor work ethics on the field during advertisement breaks between overs.

“He does get angry, you don’t see it. The cameras don’t pick it up. But as soon as the telecast cuts to advertisements, he’ll go ‘Sudhar ja tu’. He does it inconspicuously,” Raina told Gaurav Kapoor on his show Breakfast with Champions.

However, mostly, as captain Dhoni would maintain a poker face even when the fielders messed up on the field and Raina says the teammates could not figure out whether he was angry or otherwise. Reason? He did not wear shades!

“Despite not wearing sunglasses… you still cannot tell. Because he doesn’t even wear sunglasses…His eyes don’t show any emotion. And I’m like, ‘come on man… show us some reaction’,” he added.

Raina then went on to narrate a funny incident when Dhoni once backed him to ‘needle’ Umar Akmal and put him under pressure in a game against Pakistan.

“We were playing against Pakistan and Umar Akmal complained to him about me saying ‘Dhoni bhai, look at him (Raina)…he is using foul language’. I told Dhoni that I wasn’t using any foul language.

“Then Dhoni asked me ‘what happened?’. I said ‘I’m just needling him.. telling him to score some runs, they have a target to chase’. To which Mahi bhai told me ‘keep the pressure on him.”

Dhoni’s prowess as a cricketer is not just limited to being the best finisher in the limited-overs formats and he is equally good at reading the game situation, according to Raina.

“He is very good at reading the game situation. He is hailed as the world’s best finisher…he knows what’s going to happen next. At any given point, he is ready with three different game plans… A, B, C… Be it as a batsman, as keeper, as captain…he is always ready with different plans.

“He plans overnight. Then he gets a feel for it in the morning and tries to visualize. He makes sure that his conscious mind understands the subconscious ideas.

“So, a lot of people don’t know this about him. Which is why he remains calm, because at the end of the day he knows that it’s his game. He has created this entire setup with his thought process,” Raina said.

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